Why Rivermark

By combining the strength and insight of proprietary social network science, commercialization expertise and advanced business intelligence technology, we offer a unique mix of expertise that elevates our value as a brand partner and sets us apart from our competitors. Here’s how:


When it comes to identifying and activating thought leader peer learning networks, you need a team with the right mix of expertise to unearth the insights and design the actions that will drive your brand forward. At Rivermark, our years of leadership experience as pharmaceutical scientists, commercialization gurus, and technologists means we know intimately the strategic decisions that will make a world of difference in accelerating results.

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Our proprietary Rivermark360™ methodology uncovers your brand’s most important thought leader peer network connections by examining every angle through multiple viewpoints — from identifying subject matter experts, to organizational leaders, to local and regional peer leadership. A consultative partnership with Rivermark creates a customized plan to identify the entire thought leader landscape through a needs-based approach that enables you to see exactly how and where to invest resources for optimal return.

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The Rivermark 360™ Business Intelligence Technology delivers optimal thought leader identification, planning and activation by helping clients visualize the connections between leaders and the broader prescribing market, with full integration and centralization of client commercial and medical data. Our technology goes beyond traditional analysis by leveraging social network science to pinpoint local and regional learning communities and the specific actions that can speed adoption of your brand and deliver measurable results.

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