Leader Network Identification & Activation

Our proprietary Rivermark360™ Business Intelligence Technology is the cornerstone to understanding and activating thought leader communities of learning. This platform reveals the deep social network relationships that drive learning and brand preference at local, regional and national levels with full integration and centralization of client and medical data. We then identify the right time and optimal methods for targeting these local and regional sociometric Leaders for accelerated product acceptance, with measurable cost and resource efficiencies.

Our technology platform reveals scientific experts and clinical thought leaders across multiple “domains of leadership” and at ALL levels of the market, including:

Formal, Organizational Leaders
Elected, appointed, or employed in leadership roles within a formal organization (associations, societies, advocacy groups, guideline committees, academic chairs, etc.) and important for educational initiatives and disease or patient advocacy programs.

Subject Matter Experts
Publish extensively within a given therapeutic area and have established expertise within specific areas of medicine

Local and Regional Sociometric Leaders
Considered clinical experts by their peers and are frequently recognized as trusted discussion or clinical advice partners

Local Practice Leaders
Extensive experience by virtue of their practice size; not necessarily considered by peers as experts, may not publish, speak or hold a formal position of leadership; but who affect the behavior of others.

The resulting Leader Network Identification and Activation action plan
benefits marketing efforts by:


  1. Providing actionable and measurable insights that support the marketing mix;
  2. Empowering clients to accelerate uptake and adoption by planning and executing communication strategies that are aligned with learning networks; and
  3. Pinpointing specific actions that can deliver measurable results.

The Rivermark360 Difference

Because different methods of identifying network leaders generate different results, we employ multiple, complementary thought leader identification approaches. This allows us to deliver a complete picture of disease-specific, category leadership within a defined market.

The addition of sociometric analysis to identify local and regional thought leader learning communities can only be tapped through our proven, proprietary techniques for data collection and network analysis. The results of this analysis help our clients capitalize on existing interpersonal peer learning relationships and leverage the community’s nominated network leaders, who have the clinical respect and admiration of their connected peer groups.

Our proprietary Rivermark360 Key Customer Identification Methodology uncovers the most important thought leaders and their peer network connections by examining every angle of thought leadership through multiple viewpoints — from publications, to organizations, to peer-to-peer clinical relationship networks, to practice behaviors. A close, consultative partnership with Rivermark unlocks the ability to scan and analyze the entire thought leader landscape through a needs-based approach that enables insight into exactly how and where to invest resources for optimal results.

What is Sociometrics?

Sociometric analysis reveals and visualizes physician social networks based on specific relationship metrics, in order to identify learning communities. Explore the concept of sociometrics by reading “How Social Networks and Opinion Leaders Affect the Adoption of New Products.”

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