Rivermark360™ Software

The Rivermark360™ Market Intelligence Technology platform delivers optimal medical thought leader insights to inform personal and non-personal engagement planning and network activation. Our technology portfolio goes beyond traditional market analysis by illuminating the behavior of thought leaders and their social networks to pinpoint the impact thought leaders are having on the rate of adoption.

Benefits Overview

Each component of the Rivermark360 software suite is designed to work as a standalone offering that can be customized into a robust combination of software tools for optimal insight. Each software component offers:

360-degree insight into the thought leadership landscape and how behaviors relate to the larger full target audience

In-depth analysis of promotional program performance, across all channels, at all market levels

Commercial data integration for resource allocation insight for all key customer segments

Ability to drive the planning and deployment of personal sales calls and the full range of non-personal promotion

Custom business rules for automated performance tracking over time with alerts for important changes in prescribing patterns or participation in key programs

User-defined access privileges for custom views based on function—Field Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Field Medical, HQ Medical Affairs, and R&D

Single sign-on, browser-based interface, iPad compatible

Thought Leader 360™

Comprehensive thought leader database that consolidates all available thought leader data into one system that is integrated with Rivermark’s master database.

  • View detailed provider profiles with key attributes, networks, leadership ranks and scores
  • Track key provider behavior and activity metrics
  • Track thought leader beliefs with ability for longitudinal tracking of beliefs over time

Thought Leader 360+™ enhances the baseline application with belief alignment and activity tracking and metrics.



Performance 360™

Combines Thought Leader 360™ intelligence with commercial data to dynamically discover business opportunities and measure performance of personal and non-personal programs.

  • Track thought leaders and other important market segments
  • Consolidate important data sets into a central database for optimal planning and strategy
  • Track longitudinal behavior, engagements, and market environment
  • Calculate and track results of key marketing and sales programs and activities
  • Track key business objectives/goals
  • Create plans that help build a framework for ensuring providers are engaged with the right programs, messages, and activities at the right time
  • Visualize key datasets and metrics
  • Collaborate in social media-style with posts, events, polls, and comments

Med Expert 360™

An automated software application that scrapes PubMed publications to score, rank and prioritize the most important subject matter experts in any given medical field.

  • Score, rank, and prioritize authors in specific disease categories
  • Identify historically relevant and currently relevant authors
  • Identify rising and fading authors
  • Identify author/co-author publication networks
  • Score and rank authors on key subtopics of interest



Practice Leader 360™

Analyzes medical, hospital and prescription claims data, profiling individual providers based on their patient mix, prescribing behaviors, referral patterns and shared patients. Combining claims data with provider affiliation data allows in-depth institutional profiling and PCP-to-specialist referral patterns.

  • Identify market insights, practice patterns and referral networks
  • Determine sales opportunities by geographic region and provider type
  • Profile provider behavior by prescribing habits, procedures, referrals, and shared patients
  • Profile key accounts by patient mix, payer mix, sources of referrals and specialty interactions
  • Identify and prioritize sales targets
  • Facilitate targeting of multi-channel marketing programs
  • Map patient flow over time across specialty and settings

Advocacy 360™

Scoring and ranking system for leaders of organizations to determine targets for public affairs, advocacy, and educational programs

  • Gain a more granular view of individual thought leadership and where thought leaders are aligned scientifically, allowing for more informed selection


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