Strategic Commercial Planning & Consulting

Thought Leader Identification

In addition to our industry-leading Medical Thought Leader Identification and Activation, we offer a range of services that help our clients plan and manage their marketing campaigns to get the most from the medical communities of learning that impact the adoption of new technology:

Adoption & Diffusion of Innovations

Rivermark has strong ties and continues to actively collaborate with academic thought leaders in commercial planning, scientific marketing and social network analysis. Our practice focuses on understanding and driving the diffusion of new ideas within defined communities of learning. Ultimately, our emphasis is on helping clients achieve their business objectives. Our experience helps our clients define the beliefs and essential scientific basis for determining whether a network leader is an advocate for their brand. We have a breadth of experience in helping brand teams identify and define the core scientific platforms that will guide network leader development and the determination of advocacy.

Scientific Marketing Strategy

A critical element of successful brand planning in life sciences is the development of a scientific message strategy that complements the brand promotional strategy and is forward thinking from a lifecycle management perspective. The scientific message strategy is guided by the development of clear and specific platform statements that capture the core foundational science supporting the competitive positioning and strategy. The scientific platforms provide the foundation for orchestration of a broad range of professional medical and scientific activities. Effective scientific marketing requires an ongoing collaboration between the Medical and Marketing personnel supporting a brand and/or therapeutic franchise.

Channel Engagement Understanding & Activation

At Rivermark, we are always exploring new ways of thinking to address business needs with cutting-edge solutions that leverage the latest business intelligence tools. Our services can help you evolve your traditional promotional marketing mix strategy, refine your channel understanding for optimal resource allocation to demonstrate results, or further enhance your CRM sales platforms to increase optimal business impact.

Data Driven Program Planning

Our analytics and planning platform allows you to analyze metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and sales programs. By allowing you to track your key success metrics—whether NRx growth, increases in trial and adoption, or appropriate program follow up—our analytic software technology offers key insights necessary for understanding what’s working and what’s not. We help you combine that knowledge with a data-driven planning tool that helps inform smart decisions by applying custom models and algorithms to determine the right programs to deliver to your key customers.

Brand Performance Metrics

Our brand performance platform enables you to track the behavior of your most important customers, understand how respected medical experts and physicians are behaving, what programs are most impacting their behavior, and how you can target marketing programs and initiatives to drive growth.

Network Informed Insights

With our extensive network experience and social network analysis application, we ensure our clients get the most out of their networks. Leverage leadership roles during launch, increase marketing program effectiveness, and speed product adoption by leveraging our network based analytics.

Prescriber Metrics

Prescriber metrics help you understand the behavior, activity, and key drivers of your most respected medical experts and physicians. This service reveals key customer and learning community activity, and helps you develop plans for optimally engaging those audiences.

Marketing Program Analytics

Understanding marketing program performance is key to ensuring you get the most from your spend. Our marketing analytics solution helps you understand which programs are performing, and helps you design strategies for engaging key customers with the right message at the right time through the right program.

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