Franco Pissani, PhD, Director, Account Services

Dr. Pissani is a vaccine immunologist with 12 years of experience in the life sciences
industry. Prior to joining Rivermark, he was involved in business operations for
international biotech companies where he led brand awareness and strategic
marketing campaigns to promote new technologies and applications by identifying
and engaging thought leaders in the immunology and immune-oncology community.
Dr. Pissani earned a doctorate degree in Molecular Microbiology & Immunology from
Oregon Health & Science University developing DNA vaccines for HIV. He later
completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Hendrik Streeck at the Walter Reed
Army Institute of Research, Military HIV Research Program. He has authored several
peer-reviewed publications and presented numerous primary research and
promotional talks at national and international conferences. Franco joins Rivermark
as Director of Account Services, where he will play a central role in the management
of Thought Leader research projects, as well as the interface with clients.